The Benefits of E-Cigarettes You Hadn't Known Before

05 Oct

From a recent study, taking e-cigarette is safer by about 95 percent than taking tobacco. The research further indicates that the use of e-cigarettes is just as effective as the nicotine gum or nicotine patches are in helping a smoker quit smoking. Many people don't smoke nicotine or tobacco because they want to, but because their efforts to quit smoking have proved to be null and void. For highly addicted smokers, the use of an electronic cigarette device daily would be a reliable option on their journey to quit smoking. One should understand that the e-cigarettes are supposed to replace the ordinary cigarettes people take and stay safe from their harmful health effects.

You need to change your perception towards the e-cigarettes and see them as a quit smoking program. From a survey that was recently done, close to about 2.8 million adults were found to be using e-cigarettes in Great Britain. From among these individuals, 1.3 million were found to have successfully stopped smoking through this effective quit smoking program. Those who came up with the e-cigarettes were first afraid that some of the young people especially those in schools would be tempted to experiment what these e-cigarettes were even though they had not smoked before. The argument was that once these youths start using e cig starter kit, hey would with time start to smoke ordinary tobacco. However, this never happened and instead, it has helped many tobacco addicts to quit smoking.

One thing you should note about the e-cigarettes is that they have no available prescription. However, this does not rule out that there are several other nicotine replacements that come with a specific prescription. The reason most e-cigarettes are not prescribed is that they are government-regulated products that have not be registered with MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). However, there are possibilities that e-cigarettes would be government-registered in most countries in the near future. The most surprising thing is that even without a prescription, the e-cigarettes have not been abused. Know more about e cigs at

Although the e-cigarettes seem not to harm any severe health risks, it doesn't mean they are 100 percent safe. They still have some minimal short-term risks whose effect is negligible. However, they are known to reduce the adverse effects that the ordinary cigarettes cause on the health of a human being. In fact, the e-cigarettes have minimal health risks even to pregnant women compared to the effects that the ordinary tobacco would cause to them and to the unborn children. The vapor the e-cigarettes produce is not harmful or dangerous to the health of the bystanders. Click!

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